• Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Research Activities

Electronics and Communication Engineering Research Activities

Name Qualification Designation Specialization
Dr .M. Jagadeeswari M.E.PhD Head of the Department Hardware/Software Co-design, Evolutionary Algorithms, Embedded Systems, VLSI Design and its applications in RF, Image and Video Processing
Dr .S .Jayanthy M.E., Ph.D. Professor VLSI Design and Testing, Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Logic, Digital Systems
Dr. N. SathishKumar M.E., Ph.D. Professor Signal Processing and Wireless Communication
Dr.B.Sathish Kumar M.E., Ph.D. Associate Professor Information and Communication Engineering
Dr. B. Nataraj M.E., Ph.D. Associate Professor RF MEMS
Dr.C.S.Manikandababu M.E., Ph.D. Associate Professor Image Processing
Dr.S.Lakshmi Narayan M.E., (Ph.D) Assistant Professor(Sr.Grade) Image Processing
Dr.K.R.Prabha M.E., Ph.D Assistant Professor(Sl.Grade) Image Processing
Dr.S.P.Vimal M.E., Ph.D. Associate Professor Image Processing
Dr. S.Padmapriya M.E.,Ph.D Assistant Professor VLSI Design
Dr.M.Kasiselvanathan M.E., Ph.D Assistant Professor(Sr.Grade) Wireless Communication
Dr.G.Gopu M.E., Ph.D Professor Biomedical