• Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Vision & Mission

VLSI Design (PG) - Vision and Mission


  • The Vision of the department is to groom up graduates into talented Engineers and researchers who can develop new technologies in the field of VLSI Design and verification


  • To develop graduates as technologists to shape the future of VLSI Industry with lifelong learning and applications.
  • To provide an environment that encourages the graduates to excel in the field of VLSI design and verification with the best of their abilities.
  • To develop graduates who can perform research and transfer results into technology and products to meet the changing needs of the society.

PEOs of the M.E VLSI Programme

  • Graduates will be able to evaluate, analyze, produce VLSI system designs and formulate solutions by considering functionality, Cost effectiveness and sustainability. 
  • Graduates will undertake research with high level of technical knowledge and lifelong learning.
  • Graduates will be able to demonstrate professional, ethical and social responsibility and engage themselves in perpetual learning to suit multi-disciplinary teams.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

  • The graduates will apply knowledge from fundamental mathematics and basic sciences to identify engineering problems in the field of VLSI Design.
  • The graduates will analyze and present a sustainable solutions to the engineering problems
  • The graduates will design and conduct experiments and interpret the data to produce an appropriate solution that benefits the society.
  • The graduates will identify and select modern design and testing tools to present solutions for engineering problems.
  • The graduate will assess the safety, social, and cultural issues related to the field of practice.
  • The graduates will present sustainable solutions by considering environmental issues.
  • The graduates will encompass professional and ethical responsibility.
  • The graduates will function effectively as an individual or in a multi-disciplinary team which involves people from diverse backgrounds.
  • The graduates will communicate effectively amidst of an engineering and professional community.
  • The graduates will understand the management principle and manage teams to meet the time to market goals.