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Signal Processing Laboratory

Signal Processing Laboratory

The Objective of the laboratory is to enable the students to simulate ad experiment with signal and systems. Signal processing laboratory helps the students to learn, analyse and design the techniques that give core knowledge to develop the laboratory aims at supporting the teaching and research activities in the area of signal processing. This lab is concerned with the representation of signals as a sequence of numbers and operations carried out on the signals to extract specific information contained in them. Students can implement signal processing algorithms using different computational platforms and DSP tools which enhance the practical exposures in signal processing.

 The laboratory has both software tools and DSP processors. The laboratory has 10 user Licensed MATLAB software with various Tool boxes and Simulink. Students simulate here number of experiments in MATLAB. Students also use TMS 320C5416 fixed-point and floating point Digital signal processor. Programing of the DSP chip is done in C (and some assembly) language using the Code Composer Studio integrated development environment. Signal Processing Laboratory was established at a cost of Rs.40 Lakhs.

Signal Processing Laboratory is equipped with advanced core i7, i5, i3, Core 2 Duo 66 Number of Machines running on various Platforms like WINDOWS 7/8/10, LINUX. Here students work with Computer languages/Packages like C, C++, Java, OpenCV, Python etc.

List of Major Equipments & Software

  • MATLAB v7.12 R2012B and Toolboxes
  • TMS 320C50 DSP Trainer Kit
  • Micro -50 DSP Trainer Kit
  • TMS 320VC5416 DSP Trainer Kit
  • TMS 320VC33 DSP Trainer Kit
  • TMS320C6713 (DSK) with code composer studio
  • GW Instek Analog Oscilloscope (30MHz)
  • GW Instek DDS Function Generator
  • LAN-T Trainer Kit

List of Major Equipments:

  • Zenith Premium PC
  • Wipro Server
  • MATLAB v7.12 R2011B with toolboxes
  • Code Composer Studio
  • NI LabVIEW Full Development System
  • NI Developer Suite 2012
  • NI Multisim v10
  • BenchMark LAN-T Trainer Kits
  • DSP Starter Kits TMS320C50/33/5416/6713
  • NI USB 6009 Kits
  • NI Elvis/PCI-6251 Bundle
  • Speedy DSP hardware
  • NI-ENET 9163 Ethernet Carrier
  • CRIO-9073 Real Time Controller
  • NI-1722 Smart Camera
  • Lens 16mm F1.4MP Computer
  • NI signals and Systems Platform
  • NI Software Defined Radio Platform