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VLSI Laboratory

VLSI Laboratory

Description of the VLSI Laboratory

The VLSI laboratory is well-resourced with some of the most modern facilities of up-to-date industry standard. The laboratory is designed to expose the students to EDA tools to design, simulate, and verify schematics and layout of logic gates. It also serves to facilitate design and implementation of digital design on FPGA. The lab facility aims at conducting practical sessions and carrying out project works in various aspects of the ever growing field of Very Large Scale Integration.

Equipments Available

  • WIPRO Computer Intel core i3 processor, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 320 GB Hard disk, 18.5 inches TFT monitor
  • Optical scroll mouse & keyboard.
  • FPGA advantage for HDL Design – Model sim SE simulator.
  • Universal FPGA Development station (Altera – Acex).
  • Xilinx ISE software & Spartan – II prototype kit.
  • VLSI training kit.
  • 400 K gate Spartan-III Trainer with Traffic light controller interface & RTC interface.
  • Spartan – 6 FPGA project board.