• Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Linear Integrated Circuits Laboratory

Linear Integrated Circuits Laboratory


·         The objective of laboratory is used to study various ICs and use them to design circuits to perform analog and to study digital IC experiments, the various application in mathematical operations, filters, oscillator, data converters using  operational amplifiers and also to design function and waveform generators.

·         This laboratory is to cater the needs of under graduate students to practically explore the fundamental concepts of electronics.

·         This lab has several equipments like CRO, Multimeter and Function generators other devices.

·         It helps the students to gaining knowledge about electronic system and IC design and pursuing projects in electronics

·         The students are also encouraged to implement the designed circuits using discrete components on the breadboard.

·         The students are doing project by using these components in our college campus.


·         DC Regulated Dual Variable Power Supply

·         DC Regulated Multi Output Power Supply

·         Dual Trace 30MHz Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

·         50 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope

·         3 MHz Function Generator

·         DC Ammeter,Voltmeter

·         Decade Resistance Box

·         Decade Inductance Box

·         Decade Capacitance Box

·         Analog & Digital IC Tester

·         Digital LCR Q Meter