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PG VLSI Design Laboratory

PG VLSI Design Laboratory

PG VLSI Design laboratory comprises of personal computers (18 Nos) and server system (2 Nos). Additionally 12  i7 systems were purchased for working with Bluespec compiler. All the systems were installed with Xilinx ISE design suite in windows and Cadence EDA tool in Linux environment. MATLAB 7.14 is also installed along with Xilinx which contains HDL Coder and additional toolboxes. Quartus 11 is also installed for implementing the digital circuits in Altera DE1 image processing kit and DE3 – 260 Standard board accompanied by the peripherals Multi touch LCD module and Mega pixel Digital camera.

PG VLSI Design Laboratory I course (for M.E. VLSI Design – Semester-I) comprises of modelling the sequential and combinational circuits, writing test benches, verifying the functionality of the design, interfacing the I/Os, implementing the digital design in FPGA, applying the partial reconfiguration techniques using the Universal FPGA Trainer kits (SPARTAN 3E). Designing the analog circuits and verifying the functionality of the analog design using Cadence EDA Virtuoso tool.

PG VLSI Design Laboratory II Course (for M.E. VLSI Design – Semester-II) comprises of designing VLSI architecture in Semicustom and full custom design methodologies and running through Pre and Post layout simulation process and measuring the performance of the design.

Semi-custom design flow includes Specification, Design, synthesis and layout design (floorplanning, place and route, power and clock distribution, clock tree synthesis, timing analysis, power analysis, signal integrity, post-layout simulation and back annotation, GDS-II generation) of digital building block. Full custom design flow includes Specification, Schematic Design, simulation, layout generation, Physical verification (LVS, DRC, RC extraction, post layout simulation, back annotation, GDS-II generation) of analog building block.