• Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering



The Digital Logic Circuits lab presently serves to give the B.E/ B.Tech students a laboratory experience in Digital logic circuits. This lab is also utilized for conducting the mini projects for the students.                                      

The Digital Logic Circuits lab is well equipped with Digital IC trainer kits and digital IC tester and the various digital ICs. The training and experience that B.E/ B.Tech students gain in this laboratory enhance their understanding of Digital Logic Circuits lab.

The Digital Logic Circuits lab provides the student with an experience on analyzing the truth table and the working principle of digital logic circuits. The experiments enhances the knowledge and skills of students on various aspects. Also they are supported to use the laboratory space and facilities for doing their mini projects as part of their curricula.

Not only the curriculum support, Digital Logic Circuits lab also provided support for the students’ project which are prepared and applied for the various innovative project contest.

The following Practical Courses are carried out in the Electronics lab:

16EI252- Digital Logic Circuits laboratory