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Embedded System and IoT Laboratory

Embedded System and IoT Laboratory


Embedded System and IoT Laboratory is a unique collaborative workspace where IoT enthusiasts can meet to discuss ideas, share expertise, work together on projects, get access to a library of equipment & components, build products, launch companies, and generally have fun bringing IoT to life.  Embedded System and IoT Laboratory is equipped with the Texas Instruments IoT  Kits and various sensors. The   Embedded System and IoT Laboratory was established at a cost of Rs. 50 Lakhs with systems loaded with latest versions of Embedded OS  and embedded software's like Keil IDE, Python OS, Federo Linux, LabVIEW, Code Composer Studio, MATLAB, Arduino IDE, MPLAB IDE. The laboratory is equipped with IoT CC3200 boards, ARM 7 development boards, Arduino boards, Raspberry Pi boards, MSP 430 boards, ARM Cortex Boards, Intel Atom processors kits, PIC microcontroller kits, Freescale kits(Imx6S) and DSP trainer kits. Internet facility is provided to individual students.

The Department has signed MoU with Intel FICE and Texas Instruments, Bangalore.  The Department has always been on a high growth path to keep pace with current technology trends.

Embedded and IoT Laboratory equipped with Industry based programmable MCU with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity focuses on hands-on skills of programming. special project-based learning approach including applications of various peripherals on different MCUs kit.


Collaborate on research industry partners with PRICOL Technologies Ltd., Coimbatore and L&T Services to address significant and complex challenges surrounding Embedded and IoT technologies and applications. Conducted more than 30 national workshops and seminars benefited more than 1000 students in Embedded and IoT technologies and applications. In collaboration with Embedded and IoT Laboratory UG and PG Students developed more than 500 real time products.  Enable faculty learning, research and hands-on experimentation to discover and demonstrate the promise of the Internet of Things. Provide students unique interdisciplinary learning and innovation experiences with Embedded and IoT technologies. More than 10 faculty research scholars benefitted through Embedded and IoT